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beauty & relax
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beauty & relax

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Personal assistants

With Amirluxury you will have available a Personal Assistant (PA) highly qualified, fluent in languages and latest technologies. Our PA are well trained and they have excellent interpersonal skills to meet their needs and solve any unforeseen event during your stay in Barcelona.

Private security

You can always request private security and transfer protection services whenever you wish. AmirLuxury has highly qualified bodyguard and dedicated professional units with the most strict security measures to ensure your own safety during your trip, visit or your stay with us.

Beauty & relax

While your stay in Barcelona you can hire any of our prestigious medical and beauty services with innovative aesthetic treatments and ultimate cosmetic products. For your own convenience, we also provide you with medical monitored services, nutritionist and dietician counselling, gyms and personal trainers. If what you want is to relax and to live unique experiences in magical setting, we will take you to the best themed spas of the city.

Muscular physiotherapy

AmirLuxury cooperates with Equipo Optimus to offer you a personalized and complete physiotherapy service. Their specialists in muscle function (MAT), with many years of experience in the sector, will check your muscular system and apply a range of specific programs to optimize your muscles from the very first session. We want to make the best out of yourself and we want you to enjoy your body at full potential.

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